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Raila’s brother Oburu Odinga ‘prepares for his death’

Siaya Senator Oburu Odinga has publicly discussed how he wishes his death will be.

The 79-year-old legislator said he does not wish to have a painful death where he struggles to stay alive.

He said he wishes his death will be one that comes as a surprise to his family members.

“Death is painful to the bereaved family. But I wish for one that is less painful to me,” he explained.

Dr Odinga who is the brother to Azimio leader Raila Odinga said he dreams of a death where he goes to sleep and fails to wake up the following morning.

Raila Odinga is a renowned politician in Kenya, having unsuccessfully contested for the presidency on five occasions.

“The best death is one where you do not have to struggle. It is what I am wishing for,” the legislator said.

He revealed this at the burial of Stanley Aluma, father of Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma at Ndiru Village in Homa Bay Town constituency.

Dr Odinga said the deceased was his  was his childhood friend and they both spent memorable moments together including swimming at Koginag beach in Lake Victoria..

They went to the same school at Ogande primary and sat in the same class.

Aluma lived with his parents in Rodi Kopany while Dr Odinga lived with a teacher at the school.

According to Aluma’s family, the senior citizen died after a battle with diabetes.

He was pronounced dead on October 4 after he collapsed during his normal daily activities.

During campaigns, Aluma engaged in politics through a group called Nyada Ralek, an organisation that brings together elders from Kanyada clan as aspirants seeking their blessings.

Dr Odinga said he is also suffering from the same disease as Aluma and knows of the health challenges that come with it.

At his age, the former East African Legislative Assembly member has been struggling to walk especially when attending political gatherings.

The former finance assistant minister in the grand coalition government has an aide who assists him when he moves up and down the stairs.

He said he would not wish to be bothersome to his family members as he approaches his death.

“Getting to a point where you have to be helped to get to the toilet when sick is something I wish will not happen to men. Reaching such stages adds burden to family members,” Dr Odinga said.

Dr Oginga has also previously served as Bondo MP, and a lawmaker at the East African Assembly (EALA).