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Raila’s sister shares celebration plans ahead of election ‘victory’

Pauline Odinga, the younger sister to Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga, says the seasoned politician’s family has plans in the pipeline to celebrate his possible election victory.

Speaking to Nairobi News at her home in Bondo, Siaya County, Pauline also expressed confidence his brother will be elected the country’s next president.

“We are confident of  a win,” she said.

“There are plans for a grand celebration at his Bondo home and across the country.”

The celebrations, she says, will begin at the Kang’o Ka Jaramogi home.

“The gates (to our home) are always open. Once the results are announced and he is declared (president), the celebrations will commence, no one will go home on empty stomach.”

Pauline also stressed that Raila is not a ‘dynasty’ as claimed by a section of his opponents as he ‘grew up just like any other village man and followed the Luo traditions’.

“My brother started from a humble background like any other person. He pitched his first house right here (showing Raila’s simba).”

The first house was built of timber. It is a sign of how the presidential candidate is keen on preserving his traditions.

Pauline adds that each one of the family’s seventeen siblings are happy and supportive of Raila’s political bid.

“Despite being in the political arena for a long time, he loves his family. We have learnt so much from my brother,” said Pauline.

“He is a loving brother. We will always support him,” noted Pauline.

Raila and Pauline are sons of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s first vice-president, now deceased.

Oginga’s other children are Dr Oburu Oginga who’s been elected Siaya Senator, Ngire Agola, Wenwa Akinyi, Beryl Achieng, Odima Omondi, Shadrack Osewe, Oginga Ruth Adhiambo, Caroline Walkowa, Akinyi, Isaac Omondi, Emily Onyango, Pauline Adhiambo, Kevin Opiyo Odinga, Lemmy Odongo, Odinga, Corazon Acquino, Albert Adur and Wilson Adinga.

All Jaramogi’s children and three of his wives are still alive.