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Raila’s ‘sleuths’ hunt for ‘mole’ who recorded him during bash

By EDDY KAGERA December 27th, 2017 1 min read

Raila Odinga’s supporters have activated their investigative skills to identify the person who took and shared a video of the Nasa leader while drunk.

One camp accuses Gem MP Elisha Otieno of being behind the recording while another has fingered his predecessor Jakoyo Midowo as the culprit.

The two are sworn political enemies having competed against each other in the last general election.

It was controversial blogger Robert Alai who fired the first salvo, tweeting: “Some (redacted) called Elisha Akuba recorded Raila while he was drunk and this is what we got? Then you voted out Midiwo?”

But then the incumbent’s supporters came out guns blazing.

In a series of tweets, Wakili Ochieng defended Mr Otieno saying the MP was actually captured in the video.

“It’s Jakoyo Midiwo who recorded Raila while drunk then uses his attack dog @RobertAlai to taint @HonElisha’s name! I have all details…,” he said.

“It means Jakoyo Midiwo can do anything including those harmful to Raila just to settle scores with his longtime political rival @HonElisha? Mediocrity.”

Several other Nasa supporters have joined the fray, asking if the video was recorded and shared by a Jubilee blogger in ODM.