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Randy pastors now risk exposure by fellow clergymen

Pentecostal church clergymen in Embu have formed a caucus that strictly monitors their peers’ behaviours to ensure there are no wayward elements among them.

Rev Isaac Nyaga of Evangelist Miracle Church International said any pastor found engaging in adultery, for instance, would be named and shamed.

“Any pastor found to have done something wrong should carry his or her own cross. We particularly abhor pastors who engage in immorality like marrying multiple wives,” Rev Nyaga said.

Speaking on Sunday during the ordination of 16 clergymen, Rev Nyaga supported calls for clergymen to undergo theological training before being allowed to serve in church, to avoid infiltration by “false prophets”.


Rev Nyaga also called for the election of more women in political and religious offices, saying the move would help boost their representation.

He said women had made huge strides in all spheres of life and deserved to be in elective posts.

The clergyman said it was wrong for women with great competence to keep playing second fiddle yet they could offer quality leadership.

During the ordination, Ms Margaret Nkirote was appointed an overseer, one of the highest posts in the church that has branches in various parts of the country.