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Rape ordeal: Adelle Onyango lands book publishing deal

Media personality Adelle Onyango has bagged a deal to co-author a book with J J Lanji Ouko, the founder of Crevit Mulier & Co.

She broke the news on Twitter saying the book is dear to her as a rape survivor herself.

She says the book will augment the voices of survivors in a way that has not been done before.

“It will be the core of strategic projects thereafter, that will seek to end rape and break the cycle of injustice,” she said.

Adelle admits that it has been a beautiful tough journey writing as it has made her revisit a dark chapter of her life.

The book is set to be released later this year.

Adelle has been recognised internationally for her efforts to empower African women and youth.

She was also named in BBC’s 100 inspirational and innovative women in the world in 2017; Facebook’s 2019 Icons of change and Africa Youth Awards 100 Most Influential Young Africans for 2019.

She is the founder of Adelle Onyango Initiative that creates awareness on gender-based violence and runs a free group therapy program for survivors of rape.

J. J. Lanji Ouko is a lawyer and gender justice consultant as well as a seasoned author.

She is also the founder of Crevit Mulier & Co., a legal bureau that is transforming Africa’s modern-day issues focused on gender justice policy reform and intervention in various fields.

“Our interest is on the law, policies and reform about gender justice and loophole to access justice. So, my fight to secure justice for survivors and build a criminal justice system that fights for justice is my motivation,” Ouko said.