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Rapper DNA joins Jua Cali in criticizing Njugush’s style of comedy

Kenyan rapper DNA has become the latest celebrity to publicly criticise comedian Njugush over his content.

DNA, whose real name is Dennis Kaggia, has echoed the sentiments of fellow rapper Jua Cali who recently said Njugush’s comedic prowess has diminished over the years.

“Jua Cali, you have failed us, bro. You spoke your mind, but why did you backtrack? Since when is it wrong for you to share your opinion, bro?” DNA said in a video on Instagram.

“What Njugush is doing now is theater comedy, not stand-up comedy. He and his wife come up with a skit on how to present it. That’s theatre, not standup comedy,” he said.

The debate on Njugush’s content started after he and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, performed in different cities in Australia last weekend. The couple thereafter expressed their gratitude to their fans in the diaspora for attending their sold-out shows.

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However, tweep shared a video that seemed to depict Njugush struggling to entertain the audience, resulting in awkward silence. The criticism didn’t stop there.

Renowned Genge musician Jua Cali then took the cue by stating that he does not consider Njugush a true comedian.

“Njugush ni boy wangu, but hakuna comedian hapo, not funny at all,” Jua Cali said.

His comments ignited a heated debate within the entertainment industry, with many coming to Njugush’s defense while blasting Jua Cali for his remarks.

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Under mounting pressure from Njugush’s fans, Jua Cali eventually apologized and withdrew his statement.

However, DNA has now stoked the flames by stating that Njugush’s current style of comedy is more of theater as opposed to stand-up comedy.

He also pointed out that Njugush’s collaboration with his wife, who is relatively new to the industry, had changed the dynamics of his performances.

DNA questioned how Njugush, with over a decade of experience in the industry, chose to partner with his wife for their comedic ventures.

“Australian fans were mad because they were ready for stand-up comedy, not theater,” the rapper said.

DNA said he has nothing personal against Njugush, but that he believes it is important to acknowledge the changes in his performances.

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