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Rapper DNA: Men are struggling paying for their baby mama’s social status

By Rajab Zawadi February 13th, 2023 2 min read

Music producer Dennis Kaggia better known as DNA, claims the majority of men are suffering as they pay for their baby mama’s social status in the disguise of paying school fees.

The Maswali ya Polisi hitmaker says there is a huge trend in the city where men are seemingly taking their kids to boujie schools for show-offs, which he squarely blames their women

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The rapper confesses to being a victim of the same situation, where he claims his baby mama tricked him into taking their daughter to an expensive school for which he struggled to pay school fees, which ruined him financially.

“I have been talking to many guys lately, and everyone is lamenting on the amount of school fees they are paying. I was once in the same trap.

With my first daughter I found myself taking her to a nursery school where I was paying close to Sh100,000. I did struggle with the fee, and it’s one of the reasons I really fell backwards financially.

I realized I wasn’t paying school fees commensurate with the child’s needs, but was paying for her mama’s social status.”

DNA Misterdreams.

DNA claims that most men have been tricked by their baby mamas or lovers into taking their kids to luxurious schools so that they can always brag about it.

“You know ladies love all the good things. There is nothing bad with that, but you, as a man have to ask yourself questions.

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Learning from his own experience, DNA wonders why he had to take a school fees loan when there were other good options he would have afforded without loans.

“When I look at it now, I caved in to unnecessarily societal pressure that hurt me badly financially. I regret taking those I should have been real with myself as a man and take the kid to a school I could afford.

When I started asking myself if I was paying for my child’s fee or her mother’s social status, the decision became much easier.”

DNA insists women will always want to show off their standards and a majority use men to achieve that.
His statements echo a current situation a popular Kenyan rapper has found himself in where the baby mama has been demanding their son be taken to an expensive school that the rapper can’t afford.

His suggestion of a different school has left the two fighting over custody of their five-year-old son.

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