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Rapper DNA: Mwai Kibaki did not pay me Sh30 million to use ‘Banjuka’ hit

Renowned rapper Denis Kaggia, popularly known as DNA, has lifted the veil on the misconceptions surrounding the earnings from his hit song ‘Banjuka’ during the late Mwai Kibaki’s campaigns.

In an interview on the CTA show, DNA disclosed the actual figures and the challenges he faced after fake reports.

Detailing the financial aspects of his involvement in the Kibaki campaign, DNA explained:

“The Kibaki campaign was what I was looking up to because it was something that could set us up to do a lot of business. So, we started doing road shows around Kenya. They paid us Sh7M, but I only took home Sh2.5 million.”

However, DNA clarified that his life took a chaotic turn when false reports claimed he was paid Sh30 million.

“But then blogs said that I was paid Sh30 million. My life became chaos. Imagine people thinking you have Sh30M in your pocket, it was insanity,” he revealed.

Contrary to the exaggerated reports, DNA disclosed that he received only 2.5 million shillings from the Sh7 million allocated for the campaign.

He broke down the figures, shedding light on deductions for a broker and taxes imposed by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

“I was making way less than 50% because inside that Sh7M, there’s a broker, a little bit for KRA, and then there’s us. 30% of that money went to a broker,” he clarified.

DNA also highlighted the positive aspects of the campaign, emphasizing the connections he forged with influential figures in the political world.

“I met people I would have never met if it were not for this deal, so sometimes you accept being taken advantage of. And then they took a while to pay. So we started doing shows which they also paid like 50k, 100k shillings. This too was not mine. I still had to split it with the label. But there were many,” he added.

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