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Rapper drops hit calling for release of ‘untouchable cop’ Ahmed Rashid

By Wangu Kanuri December 12th, 2022 2 min read

A rapper has released a song in which he requests Ahmed Rashid, the renowned Eastleigh cop, to be freed.

The song dubbed Free Rashid was composed to run a campaign with the singer suggesting the cop maintained law and order in the city and should be set free.

“Most recently people in Nairobi’s CBD are being stabbed with knives in broad daylight),” he started off.

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Explaining a scenario where a person had left home in the morning after taking a fuliza loan to ensure his family eats breakfast and lunch then he proceeds on to hustle.

“You get lucky kathao kanaingia so unachukua simu kuwapigia unawaambia uko kwa njia. Weka maji ya sembe iboil, chukua unga kwa duka ya Kemboi, sukuma kwa Mama Roy, niko na nyama kwa foil.

(You get lucky and you are paid a Sh1000, you call home and inform them to start cooking you are on your way. You tell them to take a packet of flour on credit from Kemboi’s shop, kales from Mama Roy you will bring some meat, you have it wrapped in a foil),” says part of the lyrics.

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Even before the man pockets his phone he is robbed at knife-point, the phone and cash are robbed off him.

“What if all this could go differently? What if Ahmed Rashid was there?” he poses saying the latter would gun down the thieves.

Taking a swipe at the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), the rapper shared that they claim to be working for the people yet they put away the ‘protector’ of the people.

“As a matter of fact, change your name to IMBAYA cause tax payer anasema from now on you are all fired. Eastleigh hamjawahi kapitia and I hope you do ndio muwache hizi tabia.

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(As a matter of fact, change your name to IMBAYA because taxpayers now say you are all fired. Residents from Eastleigh you’ve never been robbed and I hope you do so that you stop these behaviours).”

Sarcastically telling those that jailed Rashid do not understand the problems an ordinary Kenyan is facing in the wake of insecurity, Mtemi sings, “Free Rashid I say free Rashid…Ahmed Rashid my man will stand with you.”

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Rashid, a sergeant attached to Pangani Police station has for years run one of the most untouchable and feared crack units in Kenya accused of carrying out extra-judicial killings in Eastleigh, Pangani and Mathare slums without any consequences. However, in late November, he was charged in court for murder.

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