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Rapper Jua Cali explains why he drifted apart with Nonini

By Sinda Matiko November 5th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan rapper Jua Cali, born Paul Julius Nunda, has cleared the air over rumours that he has fallen out with longtime friend Herbert Nakitare aka Nonini.

The veteran rappers were once upon a time very close friends when they commenced their musical careers.

But in recent years, they appear to have drifted apart, leading to speculation of the beef.

“We grew apart but never fallen out,” said Jua Cali.

“Life happened and we have been disengaged for a while now. Definitely what we used to be back then is not as it is now, but even then we are still on very good speaking terms.” stressed Jua Cali.

But what exactly happened?

“You know when someone starts engaging in other things (than music) or rather decides to forge a different path, naturally you will both grow apart.” he added.

Jua Cali also touched on his friendship with dancehall veteran Redsan. The duo remain very close, he said, even though they’ve never considered a collabo.

“Honestly I  can’t explain that. I don’t know why we have never done a song. I think I will have to ask Redsan why we have never done something together, perhaps he might have a better answer.”

Jua Cali also touched on a lot of criticism and backlash he received when he decided to collaborate with a number of Gengetone artistes.

Many were of the opinion that being a veteran, he was trying to outshine or exploiting the new genre.

“You understand we are the people who started the genge genre and by this generation deciding to name their sound Gengetone, they were basically paying homage to us. If you check their sound production and videos, it’s how we used to do ours back then. Mine was just a gesture of acknowledgment.”

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