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Rapper KRG the Don’s take on Sailors Gang woes

Rapper KRG the Don has responded to a video of one of gengetone music group members who appeared in tears while accusing a record label of sabotaging their career.

“Who can remember my words to sailors gang?” he posed.

“I had warned them about the future of their music career and everyone thought I was being mean. The world has a way of getting justice in its own way. Never underestimate an experienced person just because you got it faster than them.”

In an interview with Plug TV, Qoqos Juma, a member of the group, broke down saying life has been tough since he joined the music industry as things did not turn out as he had expected.

“I wonder what the youth people did to deserve such harsh treatment. Every time a young person tries to grow in their career they are mistreated,” he said.

He added that most gengetone artists are sabotaged by record labels, including international ones, which only pay them pennies for their talent in exchange for a fortune.

“That’s why you find that gengetone artists like Maddox just disappear from the scene. Most gengetone artists are destroyed by record labels from abroad and even locally as they do not adhere to the agreement made with artists,”

The singer also stated that the government does not support artists as they are left using their talent to fill up other people’s pockets.

“Government does not care about Kenyan artists yet this industry makes a lot of money. Corruption is everywhere and many artists are struggling in secrecy,”

Earlier this year, Sailors gang frontman Peter Miracle Baby responded to netizens who questioned the whereabouts of the group after missing in action for quite some time.

Miracle Baby responded to the group’s prolonged hiatus, in a scathing reply to a fan who sought to know why the group was no longer releasing bangers.

The gengetone star asked netizens to put their questions to rest, claiming no one spoke up or stood by them when the group underwent a series of injustices in the last couple of years.

“Let no one ask me such foolish questions again. The whole world was watching us lose everything we owned including our accounts, money, and deals worth millions, and you all know who did so but nobody spoke up,” Miracle Baby ranted.

The musician went on to say that he has since decided to focus on stuff that actually makes him money.