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Rapper Kyki blasts presenter on Instagram for sexual advances

By THOMAS RAJULA January 12th, 2017 2 min read

Controversial rapper, Kyki, has sparked off a feud on Twitter with a radio presenter over “sex for airplay” claims.

According to Kyki – real name Suher Nelly Sandel – it all started when the presenter allegedly posted a picture on his Twitter page stating that he would like to get sexual with her. The post has since been deleted, allegedly.

“I don’t even know him. He put up a picture of him licking his middle finger and saying he would like to do that to me. I was at their studios last year for an interview, and they in fact launched my Kuku Mwitu track first. But I didn’t meet him,” Kyki said.

“I told him to do that to his (redacted) and then to himself. That’s when he started insulting me,” she claims.


According to screenshots she had taken of the war of words, and posted to her Instagram account @kyki_su, the presenter then tells Kyki that since she is “unknown” in the industry, he can get her songs banned from radio and there is nothing that she could do about it because “no one” in the industry knows her.

He also claimed he and someone else had a three-way with the rapper while she was drunk and he had videos and pictures of it which he threatened to broadcast.

It was at this point that Kyki took screenshots of the tweets and shared them on her Instagram page. The responses were mostly positive, and talking down the presenter. They decried, in the very harshest of terms and words, the use of sex to demean someone and wield power over them.

Kyki claims this is not her first incident with radio and television teams. Last year, on September 16, she was supposed to appear on a local station’s Friday night show that was discussing matters on sex. Unfortunately, she claims, her handler from the station tried to lure  her to his place rather than take her to the station’s location.


“I waited for him at Garden City from 8pm to 9:30pm. Then he called me, directing me to his place, telling me to cross the road and go through some dingy footpath. I told him we had had agreed on Garden City and that’s where I would wait. He got all rude on the phone, and that’s when I told him off. He swore I would never go back to the show as long as he’s still there,” says Kyki.

Kyki, who came to the limelight late last year with her Kuku Mwitu diss track, finished shooting the video for her new track ATM on Monday.

She got a boost from Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, who said he would post her video on his page when it was ready. She had asked him to check out some of her works.

“He DMed me after I had asked his help since he has been very supportive of youth talent. I had tagged him on Twitter when I was hyping about the shoot we were going to do for the track. He probably went to my account and saw that I was an artiste,” says Kyki.

The video for ATM drops in about two weeks’ time.