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Rapper Kyki’s no-holds-barred diss track to Kenyan rappers – VIDEO

By THOMAS RAJULA November 15th, 2016 2 min read

Another Kenyan female rapper has responded to Femi One’s diss song, Pilau Njeri.

Kyki has released a track titled Kuku Mwitu, days after another rapper, Njeri, released a hit back titled Conoka (Femiplan).

She released the audio track on October 31 and the video on November 10, meaning hers is probably the first response to Pilau Njeri.

Njeri hit back with “Conoka” (loosely translated to “shame on you”).

When Femi One released her diss song aimed at Njeri, she said it was actually meant for all Kenyan female rappers.

Femi One said that she felt like recently she, alone, was bearing the title of female MC and that others had dropped off the radar. The rapper said that it was time that her comrades rose to the occasion.


Now it seems she has opened a Pandora’s Box as Kyki tore into her and the whole Kenyan hip hop industry.

Referring to herself as somewhat of a school principal in the beginning of the track, she says the rappers should kneel down and raise their hands and raise their hands as she calls them out, one by one, on their “lack of discipline”.

She says she would damage King Kaka aka Rabbit and Femi One even if they took on her together.

Also calling herself the “under rated OG”, she says she was Femi One’s fan when she was coming into the rap industry thinking she was “dope”, but that after two years, she makes her sound like a joke.

She then tears into rapper Wangechi, saying her lyrics are see-through like water that even Provoke, her manager can’t save her.

She asks whether Njeri is a model or a rapper, and says that the Nairobi rap isn’t meant for her. She advises her to go back to Ndumberi.


She dismisses Sossun’s lyrics as too local, says Muthoni The Drummer Queen should stop trying to sound like Jay Z when she sounds like Jay A and that Khaligraph’s fast-talking doesn’t mean he’s a rapper.

She adds that he shouldn’t speak so much English when he doesn’t even have high school level certificate.

Kyki argues that STL is an embarrassment “like Nazizi’s Coke Studio cipher”.

Well, nothing is out of bounds, it seems for Kyki, saying new school is when the student becomes better than the teacher, and the veterans should give way. Also thrown in the mix are Kush Tracey and Noti Flow.

Listen to the song here: