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Rapper Octopizzo tells off refugee musician

Rapper Octopizzo has rubbished claims that he refused to help musicians from Kakuma Refugee Camp, terming the allegations false and attention seeking.

The accusations were made by musician Smart Djaba (from the camp) who claims that Octopizzo did not want to feature in any of their songs and did not want to make them famous.

Speaking to Showbuzz, the Prezidential rapper laughed off the claims and revealed that he actually recorded a song with Djaba that is currently on the music download site Mdundo.


“He has issues,” he said of Djaba. “He was among the first beneficiaries of the programme. We audition every year and choose new people because we don’t want a monopoly kind of situation. The programme is actually about entrepreneurship and training and the recording bit comes last.”

The rapper also clarified that although the idea to help artistes at the refugee camp is his, the programme belongs to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

He also had a few words for the musician: “Work hard, we’ve seen people like you come and go. Things don’t work like that. You’re only given one chance so run with it. If you wish to apply again, do so but you should know there are no shortcuts.”