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Rare moment when atheists sided with men of God

In an ironic twist, the Atheist Community in Kenya has thrown its weight behind the Church in their position on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and the looming referendum.

In a press statement sent to media houses on Friday, atheists’ president Harrison Mumia said they were standing in solidarity with the men of God from the Evangelical ministries who came out to express their displeasure at how some of the issues raised by the church had been omitted from the final draft of the BBI.

Mr Mumia said, that just like the church, the BBI taskforce also ignored the concerns of atheist society.

“We would like to stand in solidarity with church leaders drawn from the Evangelical ministries who during a press briefing, called for inclusivity during the implementation of the Constitution review process under the Building Bridges Initiative,” said Mr Mumia.

He went on, “Like the Church we welcomed the BBI, hoping that it would tackle areas that had not been dealt with in the 2010 Constitution that were of concern to atheists. It is unfortunate that our concerns as atheists have not been captured in the final draft of the BBI. Many other interest groups have raised similar concerns.”

Some of the proposals made by the Atheist Community in Kenya include the expulsion of Kadhi courts and part of the preamble of the Constitution that reads ‘acknowledging the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation’ to also be removed.