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Rashid Abdalla: This is my definition of a success story – EXCLUSIVE

Citizen TV journalist and Jiffy Pictures CEO Rashid Abdallah shared his perspective on success with Nairobi News.

According to Rashid, his success is rooted in his staff. He believes that his success is intertwined with his employees’ trust in him, which leads them to pray for his wellbeing.

“For me, a success story is when people go home at the end of the month with something they’ve achieved through our production. There’s nothing more fulfilling than contributing to someone else’s success. My success story isn’t about me; it’s about the people I inspire and who, in turn, pray for me. That is my happiness,” he told Nairobi News at the sidelines of the launch of New Downy in March.

Rashid Abdallah joined the media industry in 2006, starting his career at Radio Salama.

Reflecting on his journey, he described hosting a radio show that addressed the challenges facing his community as one of his most rewarding experiences in the media industry.

“I started in radio with a talk show that highlighted the challenges of my community. My lifelong goal was to speak for those who couldn’t speak for themselves, to represent those who couldn’t. That was my prayer. Hosting the show, taking calls from people with problems every morning, and seeing those problems solved through my programme in the evening has been incredibly fulfilling,” he said.

Rashid also spoke about some of his media colleagues who have moved to government positions.

Rashid Abdallah expressed his admiration for journalists who have moved into government roles, noting that their success opens doors for others in the media industry who aspire to similar positions.

“I appreciate those who have moved from the media industry to the political field. It means they were exceptional at their jobs; no one hires you if you’re not the best,” Rashid said.

He particularly praised his best friend, Hassan Mugambi, who left the media to join the Ministry of Defence.

“Their success creates opportunities for many others. We should pray for their success so that other leaders will see the value of employing journalists and thus create more opportunities,” Rashid told Nairobi News.

“Everyone has dreams and I sincerely wish my best friend Hassan Mugambi all the best. He is an incredibly hardworking journalist and deserves the best. All those who have moved from the industry to politics are thriving in their new roles,” he said.

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