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Rastafarians add their voice to ongoing LGBTQ debate

The Rastafarian Society of Kenya has joined the bandwagon of other societies, NGO’s and politicians who are condemning the Supreme Court ruling that allowed the LGBTQ community to formally register their own association.

Addressing the media in Nairobi on Friday, the Chairman of the Rastafarian Society of Kenya, Ras Loujoron Jaden said as a society they are not in support of the LGBTQ community terming it as a loss of African morals.

“The way we are seeing our nation going, we are seeing that basic ingredient which is the family, as being threatened because a new culture which is being introduced into our continent and into our country,” he said.

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The group stressed that the government should be focusing mainly on the ongoing economic and food situation in the country and not on practices that according to them, go against all traditions that govern Africans.

Haturuhusu,wala hatutakubali mahusiano ya wanaume wawili ama wanawake wawili na wanasema ati hio ni set of family, hio si ni against the will of the Almighty na against mother nature…” Ras Black Musa, a member of the society said.

They said the West should not impose its culture on Africans and if this continues, the basic ingredient of society which is composed of a marriage between the opposite sexes, society will not survive.

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Tunalazimishwa kufanya mambo ambayo hatupendi na wazungu, sisi waafrika tunafaa tuzingatie mila na tamaduni zetu na tufunze watoto wetu mwelekeo bora ambao utabadilisha hali ngumu ya maishi, ambayo tunaskumiwa na wazungu ili tuzidi kuwa maskini, tuendelee kuwaomba ama kuwategemea,” Ras Wambua said.

The ongoing debate comes after the Supreme Court on February 24 upheld a High Court judgment that the Non-Governmental Organisations Coordination Board ought to register an NGO that seeks to fight for the human rights of LGBTQ people saying not doing so would amount to discrimination based on sexual orientation. It did not touch on same-sex marriages.

The national board that oversees non-governmental organizations had denied the activist’s registration request. Kenya’s High Court and the Court of Appeal said the board acted improperly.

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