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Ratchet to righteous: The complete turnaround of Size 8

She may have been born and raised in a ghetto but today, gospel musician Size 8 rubs shoulders with presidents and dignitaries.

In fact, her latest song Pale Pale takes viewers down the memory lane on how far she has come. But most people don’t really get the distance this woman has covered.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News spoke about her journey in life.

“There was a time even getting sanitary pads was a problem, growing up we slept hungry many nights and I was chased out of school severally. For me the cars and fame don’t matter that much just having food, water and being able to pay school fees for many kids is what I thank God for.”

Showbiz couple, Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo.
Showbiz couple, Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo.

Before she saw the light in 2013, Size 8 was the definition of ratchetness.

Today socialites fill our blogs with risqué photos but Size 8 wrote the book back in the day.

Her performance photos were so ratchet that only daring editors published them, but today Linet Muraya aka Size 8 is a mother, a wife and a successful showbiz-prenuer.

She also got born again and stopped producing Shamba Boy and Fire.

Watch Size 8 during her heyday before getting saved:

She instead lights up the fire for her God with songs such as Mateke and Moto.

“My first job in showbiz was washing toilets for Clemo in Calif Records; I was his secretary washing, cleaning and cooking for S6,000 a month. Just recently, I was in ICU but I was healed, I almost lost my baby but now she is 11 months. I have been through a lot” she reflects.

Watch her latest video: