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I’m now ready to have a baby for my husband, actress Catherine Kamau says

February 16th, 2019 1 min read

Actress Catherine Kamau says she is now ready to get pregnant for her husband, hence dismissing longstanding rumours that she is suffering from fertility issues.

But is recent times, Catherine, who will on Saturday host the ‘Festival of Love Concert’ at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi, has also had to downplay rumours that she is pregnant.

She has kept telling her fans that her ‘bulging tummy’ is as a result of adding weight.

Many never bought this explanation with speculation rife that she might have become infertile.

The speculations kept swirling around despite her being in a relationship with fellow actor and producer Phillip Karanja for long.

Actress Catherine Kamau with her husband Phillip Karanja. PHOTO | COURTESY
Actress Catherine Kamau with her husband Phillip Karanja. PHOTO | COURTESY


However, the mother of one recently explained to Nairobi News why she is yet to conceive.

“People have been waiting anxiously for this baby because of my story of being a single mother at some point. So they now want to see this complete family with a little Karanja,” she said.

“Let me set the record straight, my husband and I are planners. My husband is such a serious planner, he has things he needs to do before his baby comes. But now we have decided these plans have become too much and we are ready. I may conceive anytime,” she further explained.

“People have said nasty things about me. Some have told me I can’t get pregnant because they think I got complications now that am older. But I’m very fertile. I have been seeing my gynecologist and I’m okay,” said Catherine who had a son at the age of 19 while still in University.

The actress, who burst into the limelight for her role in the TV drama Mother in Law got married to fellow actor Karanja, formerly of Tahidi High, in November 2017 after dating for about six years.