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Real Housewives of Nairobi: Michelle Ntalami shreds Minnie Kariuki apart

Entrepreneur and socialite Michelle Ntalami has tore into Minnie Kariuki, a participant in The Real Housewives of Nairobi, for allegedly bullying her following her guest appearance on the reality TV show.

Ntalami made the appearance at the invitation of Susan Kaittany, another participant in the show, and while introductions were being made, Minnie lowkey shaded Ntalami.

” I literally don’t know her, we write cheques, and she writes her Instagram posts,” Minnie told those seated next to her at Kaittany’s party.

It at this point that Michelle shaded Minnie, saying she too was a boss b*tch like Minnie – if Minnie could even qualify to be considered one as well.

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Following the airing of the episode, Minnie’s writing diss to Ntalami became an online meme and Instagram worth quote which also made it onto several t-shirts worn by various influencers. Weeks later, Michelle issued a long statement calling out some of the RHON and their supporters who have been damaging her brand.

“At which point do we draw the line between entertainment and showbiz, and real life personal attacks and cyberbullying? I kept silent, but lines were crossed. The back to back insults, aggrandizing the drama online, profiting off it with merchandising, going as far as taking the attacks to national TV and radio, coming for my bag and brand, body shaming other women online, hurling insults and profanity? Not me. You cross my boundaries, I remind you yours.

“By the nature of the show, on-screen drama is great. But cast members are not meant to attack others online. Letting grown women tear each other down on social media is wrong. Allowing them to go on national media to defame another is wrong. Attempting to demean one’s brand that they’ve painstakingly built is wrong. Drama on the show should remain on the show. Not getting mean, messy and personal in real life. That’s a dirty game. I don’t imagine any contract or company would support this,” began Ms Ntalami.

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“And I’ve no time to play victim here. I simply had my boundaries crossed good enough to call out the BS! On a month where we are meant to be celebrating women, it’s giving womanhood and femininity such a bad rap. How about online, we show efforts of these women patching things up, supporting and uplifting each other, then take that back into the show? Let’s change the narrative.

“To you, woman. Rest. If you have nothing positive to say about me, then keep my name, image, and insinuations about me off your mouth, page and the Media. I’m not the one. Two: Thanks for noting my unparalleled prowess in writing. A God-given gift that has loved, healed and taught many! And rest assured, will never stop.

“Lately though, you been the one writing all the captions. Stay on-brand and hand yourself a T-shirt. Three: On a lighter note, how about we synergize skills; I teach you Shakespeare-level writing, you teach me how to be a ‘hustler?’ Even after building an eight-figure, international award-winning, CNBC Listed, Forbes-recognized global haircare brand, I guess I could still learn a thing or two from you,” Ntalami said.

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