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‘Real Housewives of Nairobi’ star Xenah Nyambu reveals painful past of abuse

Real Housewives of Nairobi star Xenah Nyambu has courageously shared her harrowing experience of abuse 13 years ago.

Nyambu, a successful businesswoman and a new cast member of Real Housewives of Nairobi Season 2, decided it was time to share her story, which she says has been distorted by various accounts over the years.

“The year was 2011… This is where it all started… I’ve had about 5 million versions of the stories scripted by everyone except myself,” Xenah posted on social media.

“I knew a time would come that I would have a platform to tell the real and true story… My Story!!!”

She accompanied the post with photos showing a bruised face, a black eye and blood stains.

She says for over a decade, she has faced relentless scrutiny, public shaming and isolation due to false accusations and harsh judgments that have affected her and her son.

“I didn’t know when or how but I believed it would come… The day has finally arrived… I want the truth bare for the world to see,” she said.

Nyambu says that she still has not healed from the pain.

“I’ve been called names, my child has been exposed to ridicule in school and public places. I still have wounds that keep getting triggered every day by people I thought were my ‘friends’,” she explained.

The backlash from these unfounded accusations also had a devastating impact on her life and career.

“My businesses then took a turn for the worse because everyone looked at me as a criminal. No one to talk to because I was the topic on most of those tables. I slowly isolated myself and became an island, the little girl that was so full of life disappeared, and my future seemed so blurry and unpromising (that’s what I felt at the time) …” Nyambu revealed.

Xenah is the force behind several successful ventures, including luxury skincare salon Glamsquad Kenya, interior design company Art Infinity and she’s also a partner in Zela Aesthetics, a wellness centre.

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