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Real Hustler? Mudavadi office moved to Railways

Prime Cabinet Minister nominee Musalia Mudavadi will have his official working space at the Kenya Railways Headquarters.

President William Ruto made the executive order ‘dubbed Order No 1 of 2022’ which has set out how his government is going to be structured
The order also assigns functions and institutions among Ministries and State Departments and supersedes Executive Order No 1 of 2020, issued by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The new development now puts an end to speculation the Amani National Congress party leader would occupy Harambee House Annex.

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There have been reports that Mr Mudavadi would inherit the ‘powerful’ Harambee Annex office with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua shifting to work on the other side of Harambee Avenue at Harambee House.

However, the office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary will be under the Executive Office of the President but will not occupy any office at Harambee House or its annex.

Gachagua has been allocated eight key offices and institutions under his belt, compared to Mudavadi’s six.

While the two will have two Principal Administrative Secretaries (PAS) each, Gachagua will on top of that have a Private Secretary, just like the President.

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However, keen observers have reacted to the news negatively saying Haile Selassie Avenue where Mudavadi is going to work from is too noisy due to busy Public Service Vehicle PSV and commuter trains that terminates at the Nairobi Central Railway Station.

But the former Vice president could also find himself temporarily without an office since the area where he has been allocated is already earmarked for the 32 billion Nairobi Railway City.

The project is expected to cover the 425 acres of land between Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway, Landies Road and Bunyala Road. It also requires Neno Evangelism Center owner James Ng’ang’a to relocate.

Reacting to this development, city Lawyer Donald Kipkorir made a joke about the new order saying that the market traders based at Marikiti, will for the first time test power through Mudavadi.

“Mama mboga and mkokoteni boys of Marikiti will for the first time since independence have access to the Seat of Power. And people of Western Kenya can pop in for tea before taking the train home. Freedom is here!” he tweeted.

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The President and his deputy will also have the luxury of using the State House and Karen residence, respectively, as their offices.

The move to Kenya Railways headquarters off Haile Selassie Avenue moves the former vice president and deputy prime minister far away from Harambee Avenue which plays host to some of the most powerful offices in the land.

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