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Reasons he hasn’t called after your hot Easter date

So you met the man of your dreams a few weeks or months back. He seems to make everything right in your world.

This Easter weekend, you had a hot date with him. Or maybe you spent some quality time together.

Problem is, Prince Charming hasn’t called you back and you can’t stop wondering why.

No he didn’t lose your number, he didn’t lose his phone, and he didn’t die either. Here is a look into possible reasons he isn’t calling you.

1. You paid more attention to your phone – If you are one of those women who are constantly glued to your phones, this habit could be the reason your love interest did not call you back after your date. If you paid more attention to your phone than to him, he sees you as someone he can’t make a true connection with and he will not want to see you again.

2. He wasn’t that into you – This is harsh but sometimes it’s the truth. Yes, he took you on a date and probably even got physically intimate with you. But after his head cleared up, he now realizes that he isn’t that into you. Take it easy, this has nothing to do with who you are as a woman. It is all on him.

3. He is looking for something different – Maybe this guy does really like you. Maybe your date went really well. Problem is, your love interest realized that you both want very different things from the relationship. While he wants to play the field a little bit, you seemed very keen on walking down the aisle. It could also be the opposite.

4. He is immature – When it comes to women, some men take longer than others to mature. Maybe your love interest was not really interested and was playing mind games. Or maybe he is interested and likes to play mind games like waiting to see who calls the other first.

5. You got hammered – Did you get too drunk on your date? Yes? That is probably why your love interest isn’t calling you.

As much as every man wants a woman who isn’t afraid to let her hair down, no man wants to be stuck with a woman who can’t control her liquor.  A woman who will be staggering, foaming at the mouth and slurring over her words after every night out.

6. You didn’t eat – Yes, I know. Women for some reason think that it is good not to eat while on a date. The message this sends to the man is that you like to pretend and thus may not be honest. If your love interest took you out on a lunch or dinner date and you only nibbled on your food, do not be surprised that he hasn’t called you like he said he would.

7. You revealed too much – Everyone has baggage and the person you end up with should love you in spite of it. If you however poured out all your baggage to your date, he may have gotten repelled. When still getting to know each other, you should put your best foot forward. Do not let whatever baggage you may have define you.

8. He still has feelings for his ex – The reasons Prince Charming hasn’t called you yet may have nothing to do with you. He probably still has feelings for his ex and by dating you he feels he was rushing back to dating.