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Reckless bus driver arrested after passengers, motorists alert police

A bold move by passengers to alert the police about a recklessly driven bus led to the arrest of the driver at a roadblock in Naivasha.

The Nakuru bound travelers aboard Greeline bus were alarmed by the driver’s daredevil antics on the road and decided to call the police before the bus was intercepted.

The driver was taken to Naivasha police station and within minutes arraigned in court and charged with reckless driving.

Concerned motorists had also raised alarm with the police, calling an emergency line to report the speeding and reckless driver.

Ms Margaret Njeri, a passenger who recorded at statement with police, said they were forced to speak out after realising the driver was endangering their lives.

“We were all terrified and, together with two of my friends, decided to dial number 999 and the response from the police was prompt,” she said.


A concerned motorist also accompanied the bus to the police station where she recorded a statement after witnessing the reckless driving.

According to the witness, the bus driver was pushing other road users from the road, overtaking carelessly and driving at an alarming speed.

Naivasha base commander Joachim Kangangi hailed the three passengers for alerting the police about the driver’s conduct.

“We have instances where passengers complain about the behavior of the driver but they are unwilling to record a statement, making it difficult to prosecute the offender,” said the Naivasha traffic police boss.

Mr Kangangi ordered for the driver to be charged in court within minutes after his arrest.

“With such brave passengers we can easily eliminate impunity on our roads,” noted Mr Kangangi.

Appearing before a Naivasha court, the driver, Allan Omondi, denied charges of reckless driving and was released on a bond of Sh 100,000 and a surety of similar amount or a cash bail of Sh 40,000.