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Reckless driver of ‘Kawere’ bus who shocked KOT charged

By MAUREEN KAKAH October 10th, 2018 2 min read

The driver of a bus that was filmed being driven recklessly along the Nairobi – Nakuru highway has been charged in court.

Mr Hillary Shikuoko Panyula, driver of the bus christened ‘Kawere’ and belonging to Rengcom Company, was charged before Senior Resident Magistrate Electer Riany on Tuesday.

Prosecution accused him of driving without care, attention and unreasonable consideration to other road users by overtaking a queue of other vehicles.


He is also accused of causing another vehicle, a Mitsubishi Pajero KAR 801V, to sway off the road. He allegedly drove the bus carelessly contrary to the Traffic Act.

“On August 29, at about 8.40 a.m along the Nairobi- Nakuru highway at Kimende area, Lari sub county within Kiambu, the accused person drove the said vehicle without due care by dangerously overtaking,” court heard.

In the video clip which was widely shared on social media, the bus was filmed hurtling out of nowhere, on the wrong side of the road as it tried to overtake other vehicles without clear vision on a fog filled day, almost causing a head on collision.

The driver’s lawyer opposed the viewing of the said video clip saying that the person who recorded it should be the one to present it to court and a certificate showing ownership of it should also be availed.

According to the lawyer, the act of sharing the clip with the National Transport and Safety Authority was an afterthought.

However, prosecution asked the court to have the witness in the case, who happened to be the one who recorded the video clip showing the accused driving carelessly, to avail it before court on a later date.


Consequently, the court will have to view the clip before the accused is convicted. He pleaded not guilty to the offense of carelessly driving on September 12.

NTSA declared the bus which the accused was driving as defective after inspecting it and directed that it would not be allowed back on the road.

It was found to have a defective speed governor and non-functional seat belts. The driver’s license was also revoked.

Mr Panyula was arrested on September 3 and released on a police cash bail of Sh 5,000. He was granted a cash bail of Sh 80,000 after being charged in court.

The case will be October 29.