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Reckless matatu driver’s driving license suspended by NTSA

The driver of a matatu that belongs to Naekana Sacco has had his driving license suspended by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) for speeding and overtaking at the busy Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

The driver was captured on camera by a fellow motorist who was heading in the opposite direction.

The incident happened at the SGR Bridge near Emali.

In the video, the speeding matatu is seen overtaking another vehicle while there is incoming traffic from the other lane.

A motorist is not supposed to overtake until the other lane is clear or has sufficient distance between him/her and the car from the other lane.

Road Safety and Safe Driving practices identified the registered number of the vehicle as KCU 578P.

The matter was picked up by NTSA, opening up an investigation on the incident.

NTAS later announced that the driver has already been found and that the driver has appeared before the authority.

His driving license has been suspended and he will be required to undergo a driver retest to confirm his competence.

“The driver appeared before the authority today. Following this, his Class A Endorsement & Driving Licence have been suspended. He will be required to undergo a driver retest to confirm his competencies. The sacco has also suspended him for 3 months,” NTSA said.

The incident comes at a time Kenyans are showing concerns over road safety as the festive season appraoches.

Here is what Kenyans on Twitter had to say about the incident:

“Suspending his class A endorsement is not enough, cancel his license completely and charge him in a court of law for endangering the lives of others,” tweeted @africanqueenmum.

“Testing for competency is not a way of remedying this. Let me suggest to you that a 6 months suspension would be in order and a fine of about 50k paid. Dangerous driving must be made punitive since in the event of an accident, we are talking maiming and loss of life,” said @mlesterh.

“These happens all the time, wonder what action you guys claim you take, they rebrand same vehicles killing people, change route and life continues,” wrote @CLumbwana.

“Most people drive with assumptions that the other will move. What they don’t plan for is how the other driver will react in panic mode,” commented @harrisonthuo.

“You need to do more.. Very hefty fine for the sacco and lifetime ban for the driver. This was so close. We could be talking of something else,” said @Mimi Muteshi.