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Reckless Umoinner driver crushed my skull and ruined my life

A split second is all it took to completely crush the life of a young budding mechanic and change the way he sees cars forever.

For Kelvin Sirengo, vehicles are no longer a source of income but machines of death and pain.

A reckless matatu driver crushed the skull and life of the 25-year-old man from Kitale who is now unable to fend for himself.

Mr Sirengo was on his way home from work when an Umoinner driver swerved abruptly and hit into him along Tom Mboya Street at about 9.30 pm in January this year.

The impact of the vehicle completely crushed the left side of his skull. A metal edge of the vehicle also pierced his stomach and eviscerated him.


According to Sirengo, good Samaritans had to scoop his intestines back into his body. He said this as he showed off the enormous scar across his belly.

Onlookers and passers-by were shocked when, after such a horrific accident, the driver did not even stop to assess the damage he had caused. The matatu, registration number KBX 706Q sped away from the scene.

Twenty five year-old Kelvin Sirengo. PHOTO | AGEWA MAGUT
Twenty five year-old Kelvin Sirengo. PHOTO | AGEWA MAGUT

“Can you imagine they just took off? They did not even want to know if I had survived or died. I have been to police stations and the vehicle is still on the road. It has never been impounded. I want justice. That killer matatu cannot go on about its business like nothing happened,” a bitter Sirengo narrated.

He has spent almost two months recuperating at the Kenyatta National Hospital, the first two weeks of which he was in the Intensive Care Unit before being transferred to the general ward.


He was discharged on February 28 and is scheduled for a follow up operation to reconstruct his skull on May 21.

“I can no longer work. the doctor told me the state of my head cannot allow me to. I do not have a skull on this side,” he said, taking off the cap he uses to hide the deformity.

“I have to depend on my family now for my upkeep,” Mr Sirengo said. He speaks in short sentences and doesn’t hear very well, as a result of the accident.

The incident was reported to the Central Police station under OB number 13/6/3/18.