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This is why you’ve been receiving reduced units from Kenya Power

February 7th, 2019 2 min read

Power consumers across the country have noticed a decrease in the number of units one is given after making a purchase.

The decrease is not affecting all consumers but those who noticed and inquired from Kenya Power have been informed that they have been moved to tier two of consumers who consume more than 100 units monthly.

Some of the customers who made enquiries noted a decrease in the units purchased for Sh500 from 33 units to 22 units.

For Sh1,500 customers were receiving 100 units but are now they are getting 66 units.

Kenya Power, in a write up, explaining the implementation of new tariffs stated, “Both Domestic consumers and small commercial customers are moved from 1 to 2 if the average three months consumption including the current billing cycle is greater than the prescribed threshold.”

The Energy Regulatory Commission had in August revised electricity tariffs provoking uproar from Kenyans and subsequent orders from President Uhuru Kenyatta to have the price of electricity reduced.


In November the commission reviewed tariffs for consumers using less than 100 units.

Domestic consumers using 0-10 units per month had their price per kilowatt reduced from Sh12 to Sh10 while those using 11-100 units had a reduction from Sh15.8 to Sh10.

For those consuming more than 100 units the price per kilowatt remained unchanged at Sh15.8.

Kenya Power, in an illustration to a consumer who complained online, detailed, “Good afternoon please not the A/C consumption November: 99.46 December 132.01 January 98.99 December you exceeded 100 units. Thank you.”

Another customer wrote, “What is not proper is that you didn’t inform the general public that once one can be moved to another tariff depending on usage. I have always used less than 99 units per month so I don’t see any basis for your upgrade.”

To that Kenya Power replied, “It is done automatically by the systems.”