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What next for Refigah after revelation of his retirement plan?

Grandpa Records founder and CEO Refigah has announced his impending retirement from music. His announcement came just moments after Tuesday’s re-launch of the label after a hiatus of close to two years.

The once top recording label has been silent for a year and eight months now with no production of a single song, following mass exodus of top artistes from the label in the recent years.

Songwriter singer and producer Visita, rappers Kenrazy, Sosuun, Dufla, DNA, and Gin Ideal have all left the label in the last two years.

There were reports that the en-masse walk out by the artistes was caused by a fallout between them and Refigah who however denied the claims.

Grandpa Record's newly signed artiste Jane Ikasi aka Mistony. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO
Grandpa Record’s newly signed artiste Jane Ikasi aka Mistony. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO


Since then, the label has remained low key without releasing any music with rumours circulating that it had ‘died.

However, Refigah has dismissed the claims arguing that Grandpa only took a hiatus to re-strategize and that its now back on it feet again.

“We are back. No more hiatus. Grandpa is back and this time round we will be giving opportunity to new artistes. For a long time the Kenyan industry has been recycling same old artistes. We intend to change that going forward. This is why today we introducing new acts (Thomas) Niweti who will be dropping his first single featuring Wyre today (Tuesday). We also have Mistony (Jane Ikasi) who I assure you will be taking the industry by storm,” Refigah said during the relaunch.

Grandpa Record's newly signed artiste Thomas Niweti. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO
Grandpa Record’s newly signed artiste Thomas Niweti. PHOTO | THOMAS MATIKO


Refigah also noted that he won’t be locking out any established artistes who would love to work with the ‘new’ Grandpa although he said priority will be accorded to upcoming artistes.

Refigah, who started out as a rapper before transforming himself into a producer, went on to reveal that this will be his last year in the music industry as he plans life outside music after a career of 18 years.

“Grandpa is not all about me and so this will be my last year in music and then I will retire to do other things like farming. I got a new team better than before which I’m grooming to take over once I’m gone. I believe one year is enough to put everything in place,” he added.

The producer, who has lately been seen in the company of several politicians, however denied reports that he would be joining politics once he quits music, ahead of the 2022 General Elections.