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Refigah says Majirani is a liar

By JOHN MUCHIRI February 28th, 2014 1 min read

Grandpa Records boss Refigah has refuted rapper Majirani’s claims that the record label has not paid him his dues.

Last week, Majirani accused Grandpa Records of making money through the hit song  Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga, which features its signed artistes Kenrazy and V-Sita.

In a local entertainment publication, Majirani accused Grandpa of taking all the proceeds of ringtone sales from the song and promoting it as a Kenrazy and V-Sita song.

However, Refigah has released documents to Off the Hook, as proof that Majirani actually received cash from them last month as payment for ringtone downloads.

“We paid him last month and he signed a document afterwards,” said Refigah. “The song is owned by Majirani and Grandpa Records on a 50-50 basis, and we have an agreement which all the parties signed. I have sent you the agreements.”