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Reggae deejay MC Fullstop responds to false reports of his death

Popular reggae deejay John Maina aka MC Fullstop has expressed his frustration to false reports of his death.

In an Instagram post, MC Fullstop lamented how much the fake news has affected him and his family.

“Kenyans just killed me! Hivyo tu! This fake news has affected me, my family, and my friends. The guy has done a lot of damage in my life especially what I  am going through right now!” MC Fullstop said.

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The MC has asked the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to take action against those responsible for the fake story.

“He (the owner of the account that first posted the story) has just blocked me! But we can still get him, its not the first time this is happening. My whole family has been affected and they are in shock,” he said.

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In March, the popular MC revealed to his fans that he has suffered a collapsed lung after being diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2021.

The illness inflicted severe damage to his left lung and as a result, his breathing was badly affected, making even very simple tasks a big struggle for him.

Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated further in 2022 when tuberculosis started affecting his throat, exacerbating the difficulties he faced.

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