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Reject bhang advocate Wajackoya, religious leaders tell voters

Inter-faith leaders in Vihiga County have asked voters not to elect presidential hopeful Prof George Wajackoyah who has included legalisation of bhang in his manifesto.

Under the group Vihiga County Interreligious Consultative Forum, the clerics, who met at Hambale Catholic Church, asked politicians to listen to the voices of God and people so as to know the needs of voters.

Led by y Fr Martin Chibole (chairman), the clerics condemned the proposal to legalise bhang, saying it is the people who should tell politicians their needs and not the other way round.

“Some pledges (like legalising the consumption of illicit substances) that are sugar-coated cannot be realised. People should be alert to vote out such leaders. No member of the public has asked for legalisation of bhang,” said Fr Chibole.

Sheikh Ali Ambenje (chairman of Imams) observed that leaders who make “weird” pledges are not keen to lead people who are sober.

“As religious leaders, we would not like to see our people used as ladders by such leaders. We will ask the people to sideline and reject those politicians who are making pledges for legalisation of bhang. A leader should be ready to lead productive people and not those who have been soaked into substance abuse,” said Sheikh Ambenje.

When he announced his bid, Prof Wajackoyah (Roots Party of Kenya) said his first task as President would be to legalise marijuana, even before he makes any changes in the government. The pledge is among his 12-point agenda, and he noted that this will help improve the livelihood of Kenyans.

The presidential hopeful said that proceeds from the legalisation of cannabis sativa would be used to clear Kenya’s huge debts. He said the drug is one of God’s creations and that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.