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Rekless: This fame, the pressure is too much

By Thomas Matiko October 30th, 2020 1 min read

Ethic Entertainment frontman Rekless has revealed that he has been struggling to cope with the fame that has come since bursting into the limelight with the Gengetone group.

Rekless and his crew members Zilla, Swat and Seska came into the limelight in 2018 and instantly became famous after releasing their first hit single Lamba Lolo.

The popular group from Eastlands, Nairobi went on to release a number of club bangers after their initial hit song and in the process experienced a meteoric rise.

At the moment, the Gengetone group enjoys a massive social media following and their music video projects have been accustomed to raking in staggering views in the millions.

But the success that has come with it seems to have gotten the better of Rekless, who said he is struggling to cope with the fame two years down the line.

“Fame is taking a toll order on me. With my personality and with this fame the pressure is too much on me. I’m not an outgoing person, I’m an introvert thus I find it very difficult dealing with this fame but I’m trying to handle it,” confessed the reserved rapper.

He also dismissed reports of internal divisions in the group and that they were set to part ways, with the rumours sent flying by numerous songs and collabos he has done minus his Ethic crew.

“All that has been said are just stories, everyone within Ethic is free to work with anyone but at the end of the day, we still got Ethic projects to do,” he added.