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Relationship expert blasts triplets marrying same man

Relationship coach Benjamin Zulu has hit out at the triplet sisters who recently announced they’ll wed one man.

Zulu suggested the move was discrediting to the trio.

The three sisters namely Eve, Mary, and Cate announced recently they are seeing the same man namely Mary but the coach also maintains the situation is not only immoral and but demeaning.

“A normal self-respecting lady would never sleep with a man who is sleeping with her sister,” he said.

“It’s even disgusting to imagine the same man seeing your nakedness and that of your sister as well if at all your conscience is working. These tales of the same man marrying sisters or twins is a combination of fetishism and foolishness,” he says.

Zulu further reprimanded the man dating the three sisters terming his motives as immoral.

“The man has a perverted desire to deflower daughters of the same mother, and the sisters have mental blindness to accept such demeaning treatment.”

“They have no idea of their individual worth or else they would have demanded to be queens each to their own king. A woman who knows her value can never share a man.”

The relationship expert further explained identical children such as twins and triplets have a tendency to unknowingly sabotage their individual destinies.

“They can mistake their closeness to mean they’re an extension of each other and they fail to forge and develop their unique identities. If twins marry other twins that’s normal, but if twins marry the same man it means they’re both less than a complete woman in their minds,” he remarked.