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Relationship expert Gertrude Mungai asks men cease using saliva during intercouse

Renowned sex and relationships expert, Mrs. Gertrude Mungai, issued a warning to men today regarding the potential risks of using excessive saliva to enhance their romantic experiences.

The YouTuber, acclaimed for her role in saving marriages through insightful advice, appeared on NTV to address the issue and educate couples on maintaining healthy practices in intimate relationships.

During her interview, Mrs. Gertrude Mungai delved into the topic of saliva usage during intimate moments, cautioning men against using too much saliva as a means to add spice to their romantic interactions.

She highlighted that while saliva is a natural lubricant for the mouth, it is not suitable for use in intimate areas, particularly “Miss Victoria” (a euphemism for female genitalia).

The expert emphasized the presence of bacteria in saliva can lead to various infections and, subsequently, discomfort and itchiness.

“Men should never spit on “Miss Victoria”. A lot of people will say saliva is natural, which is not the case. It is a lubrication for the mouth but not for “Miss Victoria”. It can cause a lot of bacterial infection,” Mrs. Mungai explained.

She acknowledged that some couples may seek to incorporate saliva into their foreplay routines, but she urged them not to go overboard.

“There are those who will say they want to indulge in that while doing foreplay. Again, if it is for foreplay, don’t deposit a whole litre of saliva,” she said.

She also discussed the matter of unpleasant odors associated with intimate areas, a frequent subject that she addresses with enthusiasm due to its significance as a leading factor in deteriorating many relationships.