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RELATIONSHIPS: Feelings women awaken in men

Every man has several women in his life. Women who arouse in him varied emotions and feelings.

There is a class of women, who, by default or by staging, are intimidating. It could be on account of their mind-blowing intellect, their stunning beauty or sheer charm. She has a certain disarming bent about her, which neutralises all your masculine genius. She outperforms you at work, actually steamrollers you, all the time, and you can’t fashion a way to beat her.

What you feel toward her is awe, fear and, admit it, envy. But if you are a narcissist like myself, this is clearly the type of woman you should not touch even with a barge pole.

Fancy that woman who awakes in you the nerve of mischief whenever you meet. You can’t resist the urge to act all naughty, weird and unmanly whenever you are around them. And when you do so, you don’t feel one ounce of guilt.

You would cringe to appear clumsy to some women, but to this variety, you always feel there is absolutely nothing at stake. The woman will usually be your female friend, a chic you meet in that evening class or an office colleague.

And every man has such a woman in his life.


Then there is that woman who instils in you terror in its purity. It could be your female supervisor, lecturer or employer. But most of all, it is exes who possess this dark knack. Do you ever experience an ethereal tremble whenever the mobile number of your former flame pops up on your screen? Let’s admit it, we can’t forget our exes’ cell number. Trash it you will, except it remains clear in that hemisphere of a man’s brain where precious things of the present and past are stored.

Her words, however polite, are a dagger of dread that slices through your core whenever she speaks to you. Try as you might, you will act collected, but deep down, you will be jerking helplessly. How some women do so is out of anyone’s grasp.

Perhaps most tempting is that woman who inspires in you a thumping desire, a delicious sensual torment. She uncorks in you an incredible effervescence and a profound need to be physical in all imaginable ways. Whenever she addresses you, your inside turns into warm mush then into something like very sticky gravy. Around her, you lose your ability of speech and all rational thinking.

It is no secret that you have your testosterone in restrain around other women. But around her, you are as vulnerable and as helpless as they come. What you imagine as you sit there pretending to be composed is how you could get into a boundless, wild love-making theatre.

She could be a fellow worker, a friend’s girlfriend or even a stranger you sit with in a bus.


Then there is that chic in your life who makes you feel like you want to strangle something and make a meatball out of it. She excites violence in you, however much of a peaceable bloke you are. All she utters and does poisons you and flares your emotions alright. This could be your girlfriend’s buddy or a friend’s friend, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that she is hell provocative. If you are the kind that flies off the handle, this right here is the type of woman to cross off your list of prospective partners.

There is that woman in your life who is excellent at creating illusions. The bad sort of illusions. And making you feel somewhat inadequate. She is not your squeeze or wife, but she does exercise a certain insulting sense of entitlement on you. You are childhood friends, yes, or you or met in university. Nature has just entwined your lives.

This one is a control freak who insists on accompanying you to your chums, goes out for lunch with you, and even checks on you at work. Mademoiselle raises hell out of nothing in parties, and would not be caught dead to let you hang out or even joke with another being in a weave.

The two of you are not dating. Yet, you can’t have another woman in your life because, well, that would not sit very well with her. You have slept together for hell-knows-home-many times, she undresses before you, she airs her undies beside yours in your bathroom and sleeps holding onto you.

But that is as far as it can go. Mate, you cannot lay a finger on her. Whereas all your buddies are convinced you are a couple, you secretly know what frontier to keep off.

Do you have such women in your life?