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Relatives of slain notorious thug ‘Rasta’ lose case against newspapers

Relatives of a suspected notorious criminal killed eight years ago have lost a case against two newspapers.

The court said Ms Jemimah Wambui Ikere and Ms Tabitha Muthoni Kanini failed to prove the media houses violated children’s rights. The women were seeking Sh12 million compensation.

The suit related to stories in the Daily Nation and the Standard in February 2007.

The papers detailed the killing of Simon Matheri Ikere ‘Rasta’, a man described by police as the most wanted criminal in Kenya.

Alongside the story were images of Matheri’s wife and children.


Justice Isaac Lenaola said publishing images of an individual without his or her consent violated the right to privacy.

“I, however, find that some of the stories and pictures in question were published with the consent of the minors’ mother, Felister Wanjiru. I say so because in her affidavit, Ms Muthoni revealed that Ms Wanjiru gave an interview voluntarily to Nation journalists,” said Justice Lenaola.

Ms Wanjiru has since died. MS Kanini is her sister, while Ms Ikere is Matheri’s sister.

He also said excerpts of stories produced in court showed that publishing was done with the consent of Ms Wanjiru, who was photographed alongside her three children inside her house, and later while in a police car where she also responded to journalists’ questions.

SOURCE: Daily Nation