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Relief after missing baby is found in Nakuru

A two-year old toddler who went missing in Zimmerman was on Wednesday morning rescued in Nakuru town, 24 hours after she had been abducted by her care giver.

Two-year old Annabel Wanjiku.
Two-year old Annabel Wanjiku.

An unknown man called the distraught couple to tell them he had spotted baby Annabel Wanjiku  in the town after seeing photos of the toddler circulated in the media.

Josephine Njagi, the toddler’s mother, told Nairobi News that the caller identified himself as a Nakuru resident and said he had seen the girl whose story had first been told by Nairobi News.


On getting the tip, Police in Nakuru moved in swiftly and found the toddler abandoned at a hotel in the town. The house help, Joyce Nekesa Wafula, was nowhere to be found.

“On Tuesday, CID officers tracked a number that the house help was using to demand a ransom and found its location in Nakuru,” said an elated Josephine.

The house help had called the couple severally on Tuesday demanding for a ransom for the release of their daughter.

“She was asking for different amounts of money ranging from Sh 20,000 to Sh 5,000 unaware that police were tracking her location using the number,” said Josephine.

During the whole ordeal, little Annabel Wanjiku was unaware of her kidnapping as she was found calmly seated at the hotel.


Police are still searching for the house help who had only worked for four days before disappearing with the toddler.

Ms Nekesa, who had told her employer that she hailed from Bungoma, had been hired from a Zimmerman based bureau named Betty.

She disappeared from her employer’s house on Monday with the little girl and took with her copies of documents that her employer had obtained from the bureau.