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Five home-made remedies for colds and flu

With seasonal changes comes a lot of colds and flu. If you are starting to feel the mild symptoms of a cold or flu, do not wait for them to be full blown, start arresting them with natural home-made remedies.

Here are some perfect home-made remedies for your cold or flu:

1. Ginger, garlic and honey
Both have anti-inflammatory benefits and ginger tea with honey is the perfect combination to fight off that cold or flu. Grinding raw ginger and garlic then boiling and adding honey will give you the perfect result.

2. Oranges and lemons
They have Vitamin C which is great for your immune system to help fight off that cold. Eating whole oranges or drinking lemon water with honey will boost your immune system and help you recover.

3. Hot showers
The steam emitted during a hot shower will relax your body while clearing up your naval system to fight away that cold. Add some essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus and rosemary for that soothing feeling during and after the bath. For children, warm sponge baths work wonders to easing the cold and flu symptoms.

4. Chicken soup
The soup helps deal with the nasal congestion and eases sore throats that often come with colds and flu. The hydrating abilities of chicken soup will ensure you stay hydrated as you fight of the cold.

5. Probiotics
Be it yoghurt or kombucha, all probiotics help the immune system fight away bacteria. During the seasons when colds and flus are common, introduce more probiotics to your diet and you will see a great difference in how your body fights back.