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Reopening of schools postponed to Monday next week

The Government has postponed schools reopening from Thursday to Monday next week. Educations Cabinet Secretary George Magoha in a statement said that schools will be re-opened Monday, August 15, 2022.

“Following further consultations, I hereby convey the Government’s decision that Basic Education Institutions will reopen from Monday,” he said.

“I ordered the early closure of all Basic Education Institutions to allow for adequate preparation and conduct of the General Elections. We indicated that reopening would be on the 11th of August 2022. However, the ministry has been informed that the process of tallying ballots may still be ongoing on the aforementioned date,” he said.

Last week, Prof Magoha instructed all basic education institutions to close for one week to allow for the general elections that was held yesterday.

“As you are aware, Kenya is scheduled to conduct its national elections on Tuesday 9 August 2022. Therefore, following consultation, I hereby convey the Government’s decision on the immediate closure of all basic education institutions from Tuesday 2 until Wednesday 10 August to ensure that preparations and conduct of upcoming elections is carried out seamlessly,” Prof Magoha said in a statement.

More than 23,000 schools were gazetted as polling and tallying centres. By Wednesday, most of the schools which have now been turned to constituency tallying centres were still being used.