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Repeated mistakes! Vera Sidika reveals why she left husband Brown Mauzo

Speculation about the status of Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika’s marriage to Brown Mauzo intensified after she posted a video on her Instagram.

In a poignant video posted on Vera Sidika’s Instagram Stories, she discusses the reasons why women choose to end a relationship, citing repeated mistakes as a major factor.

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika and her fiancé Brown Mauzo. P{HOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo. P{HOTO | COURTESY

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The message adds that a single mistake is unlikely to cause a woman to leave a relationship, but if a pattern of such behaviour continues, it becomes a breaking point.

The video claims that women would prefer to work on resolving issues with their partner rather than start again with someone else.

It also suggests that women often stay in relationships in the hope that their partners will rise to the occasion and become the deserving men they aspire to be.

“No woman would ever leave because you made a mistake. She left because you made a habit of it. The truth is, she would rather fix things with you than start over with someone new. And she stayed because she hoped you would step up and be the man she deserves.”

Vera recently removed the title “wife” from her bio, leaving behind her designation as a reality TV star.

Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that she has unfollowed her husband, Brown Mauzo, and deleted some of their shared photos.

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The rumours first started a few weeks ago when Mauzo removed pictures of Sidika from his own Instagram account and unfollowed her.

The singer only follows his two daughters; Asia Brown and Lareesa Brown.

A close source revealed to Nairobi News that Vera is working on a new project as she also plans to reveal her second child with Mauzo.

In October 2020, Vera and Mauzo embarked on their relationship journey as revealed by the socialite on Instagram.

She joyfully announced their nuptials by posting a picture of herself being warmly embraced by the father of her two children.

She lovingly captioned the photo, “I married my best friend. My love for you, my husband @brownmauzo254, is immeasurable”.

The couple have been sharing their love on social media.

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