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REPORT: Gen Z care about dresscode, financial dependance

Millenials and Generation Z exhibit a greater concern for their dress codes and communication skills compared to work, money and understanding of current issues.

This is according to a report by Infrotrak and the Aga Khan University titled ‘media consumption in an involving digital world’.

The report aimed to explore the media consumption habits of these two generational groups and also highlighted their significant achievements.

These accomplishments include completing their education, discovering their true selves, and attaining spiritual maturity. On the other hand, achievements such as starting a career, achieving financial independence, becoming parents, getting married, and initiating a business were ranked below 30 percent.

The report also revealed that Millennials and Gen Z expressed a desire for content that educates them on money management, financial independence, meeting the needs of family and friends, buying a house, finding fulfillment, and achieving educational stability.

While they expressed aspirations for securing good jobs, earning money, starting businesses, and pursuing further studies, they displayed less concern for their tribal backgrounds, workplace environment, weight, and understanding of current events. Interestingly, they were willing to pay for trending news, sports content, and general current affairs, but paid little attention to inspirational content, news from rural areas, and children’s programs.

The report highlighted that a significant percentage of Millennials and Gen Z who pay for content spend between Sh 11 and Sh 100 per day. Moreover, 60 percent of the surveyed individuals in these generational groups allocate between Sh 1,501 and Sh 3,000 per month for internet or digital platforms. The main motivations for subscribing or paying for content were affordability, interesting and relevant content, attractiveness, and the availability and reliability of the content.

Additionally, the report emphasized that Millennials and Gen Z heavily rely on social media platforms for news and entertainment, but place the highest trust in news from television. Trust in news on social media surpassed that of radio, newspapers, legacy media platforms, and personal news blogs. The report also revealed that a significant portion of Millennials and Gen Z (44 percent) spend more than four hours a day on social media, which is more than triple the number of individuals who spend a similar amount of time on radio (13 percent) and television (12 percent). Moreover, a majority of them (55 percent) spend between six and nine hours online, with an additional 20 percent spending over 10 hours per day.

Regarding influencers, the report identified the top personalities followed by Millennials and Gen Z. Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, who is the current member of parliament for Langata Constituency, emerged as the most influential figure with 27 percent of respondents following him. He was followed by Daniel Ndambuki, also known as Churchill. Eric Omondi secured the third position, while Esther Akoth, alias Akothee, and Edgar Obare claimed the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

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