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Report: Kalenjins form majority of recruited teachers

Kalenjins, Luhyas and Kikuyus comprise the majority of Kenyans hired by the Teachers Service Commision (TSC) in 2023.

This is according to a report by the Parliamentary Service Committee (PSC) submitted by Nancy Macharia, Head of the Teachers Service Commision (TSC) to the Select Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity.

The report indicates the TSC successfully hired a total of 36,000 teachers of which Kalenjins comprirmised slightly more than 10% at 4,048.

They were closely followed by the Luhya (3,187), Kikuyu (2,913), Luo (2,576), Kisii (1,737) and Meru (1,122).

Ms Macharia promised to provide a detailed report of all the employed teachers after the commission concludes updating its records.

The TSC boss further explained the commission will recruit an additional 20, 000 teachers in the 2023/2024 financial year if their budget proposal is approved by the National Assembly.

Out of the recruited teachers, 20,990 have already completed the onboarding process.

Regarding the 20,990 teachers whose recruitment has been finalized, Macharia shared that their ages vary between 21 and 56, with the majority falling within the 28-year-old bracket.

Furthermore, she revealed that 43 percent of the recruited teachers were female, while the remaining 57 percent were male.

The new employees are in line to plug the gap with President William Ruto recently announcng that there is a 110,000 gap shortage of teachers in the country.

The Head of State further promised to come up with a five-year plan that will gradually fill the shortage.

For Junior Secondary Schools (JSS), the President observed that the government is in the process of identifying more teachers who have diploma qualifications in primary and promote them to JSS.

“We are identifying teachers with diplomas so that we can post them to JSS because we have more in the primary section. We want to promote those in primary to cover the gap and when we move to this new budget, maybe towards September, we can then be able to hire,” said Ruto, in a televised interview.

He assured the Grade 7 learners will continue learning because the Government has made temporary interventions.

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