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Report: Mandera, Garissa, top list of counties with the most male virgins

Men from Mandera and Garissa exhibit lower levels of sexual activities in Kenya.

In Mandera, 44.7% of men have maintained their virginity, and in Garissa, 42.6% are still abstaining from sexual activity.

Conversely, the report identifies West Pokot, Uasin Gishu, and Narok regions as having the highest levels of sexual activity among men.

The percentage distribution specified in the report pertains to men aged 15-49 who have not participated in sexual intercourse.

In July, 2023, Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS) report said that 19% of women and 35% of men aged 15-49 have engaged in sexual intercourse with individuals who were not their spouse or cohabiting partner in 2022.

Among these individuals, 37% of women reported using protection during intercourse, while the male percentage stood at 68%.

The survey highlights variations in these percentages based on wealth quintile and educational background.

For women, the percentage increases depending on the wealth quintile, with 14% interacting with partners from the lower quintile and 22% choosing those from the highest quintile.

In terms of education, 7% of women engaged with individuals without education, while 27% interacted with those possessing secondary education or higher.

Similarly, for men, educational background played a role in partner selection, with 20% interacting with individuals without education compared to 43% who chose partners with secondary education or higher.

Murang’a County reported the highest percentage (11%) of women having two or more sexual partners in the past 12 months, while Mandera, Tana River, and Kwale counties had the lowest percentages, each recording less than 1%.

In contrast, Narok County recorded the highest percentage (43%) of men with two or more sexual partners in the last 12 months. Counties with the lowest percentages included Kirinyaga, Kericho, and Garissa, each registering 2%.