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Report: Tanzania women approve ‘disciplinary action’ from husband

Tanzanian women appear not to have a problem with getting ‘discipline’ from their husbands when they are on the wrong.

This is as per controversial research conducted by the country’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

The study shows that 65.8 percent of women believe it is a man’s right to discipline his wife when she commits certain mistakes.

Further, 63% believe when the wife cheats on her husband then she ought to be disciplined while 43.6% feel that she should be disciplined when she does not tender or care for their child.

“41% are of the opinion that a woman should be disciplined if she argues with her man while 33.3% think that a woman should be disciplined when she leaves the house without seeking permission.”

Further, 30.2 percent believe if a wife buys items with her husband’s money without permission then she should be disciplined while 16.3 percent think that when she doesnt cook food properly, she should be disciplined.

The research also shows that 22% of women and men aged 15-49 who had sexual intercourse with a person who was neither their spouse nor lived with them used protection.

Additionally, among women aged 15-49 had had sexual intercouse with an average of three men, compared to men who in the same age bracket who had slept with an average of eight women.

Meanwhile, 26.3% of married men in Tanzania had intercourse in the last 12 months with a person who was neither their wife nor lived with them in comparison to women who only accounted for 4.1%.

However, in Kenya, beating your wife is punishable by a court of law.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that almost one-third of women experience some form of physical and or sexual violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.

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