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REPORT: Top 10 happiest countries in Africa

Kenyans are far from a happy lot, a report by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network suggests.

The report which uses statistical analysis to determine the world’s happiest countries has ranked Kenya as number 22 out of 54 African countries.

The ranking is a considerable countdown from back in 2007 when Kenyans were ranked as among the most optimistic people in the world, moments after former President Mwai Kibaki succeeded Daniel Moi (both deceased) in power.

The lack of happiness could be attributed to a number of factors, including the rise in cost of living, tensions among elected leaders ahead of the political season, and a lack of job opportunities some of which was caused by the global Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, Mauritius tops the happiest countries list, likely because of its relatively high-income levels.

Globally, the ranking of happiness 2019-2021 shows Mauritius, the happiest country in Africa and at number 52 worldwide.

Kenya is ranked 119 globally.

Uganda ranks at number 20 in Africa and 117 globally while Tanzania is at position 35 and 139 globally. It is considered one of the unhappiest countries in Africa ranking at number 6.

“For the young, life satisfaction has fallen, while for those over 60, it has risen – with little overall change. Worry and stress have risen – by 8% in 2020 and 4% in 2021 compared with pre-pandemic levels,” says the report.

Here are the top 10 happiest countries in Africa

1. Mauritius

2. Libya

3. Ivory Coast

4. South Africa

5. Gambia

6. Algeria

7. Liberia

8. Congo

9. Morocco

10. Mozambique