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Reprieve for city surgeon in botched breast enlargement case

By MAUREEN KAKAH November 13th, 2018 1 min read

A surgeon under probe over the death of a woman as a result of a botched breast enlargement operation has obtained reprieve regarding his suspension from a private hospital.

The Employment and Labour Relations Court temporarily stopped a decision by Nairobi Hospital to send on suspension Prof Stanley Khainga who is under porbe following the death of Ms June Mulupi in June, this year.

Justice Byram Ongaya issued the order in a case in which Prof Khainga sued the hospital for cancelling his admission rights at the health facility.

“In such circumstances, it is the court’s opinion that public interest and balance of convenience between the parties would favour the court to intervene so that the affected patients who may require Prof Khainga’s services through Nairobi Hospital’s admission rights are not unduly disadvantaged,” ruled the judge.

Last month, the hospital cancelled the doctor’s admission rights into the facility.

This meant the doctor, who has had a contract with the hospital for the last 12 years, having been contracted to bring in patients and attend to them at the health facility, could no longer do so.