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Reps quash bid to move petrol station eateries

The County Assembly rejected a bid to remove eating outlets at petrol stations.

The motion to compel the county government to shift food courts located within or adjacent to petrol stations introduced by Kayole South representative, Elizabeth Manyala (ODM) was rejected for fear that it would lead to unemployment.

Ms Manyala had sought to remove the eateries, citing exposure to cancer-causing gases as well as posing fire risks. 

She wanted them built as separate businesses away from petrol stations.

Handle disasters

“Just two weeks ago there was a fire near Kipande House at a restaurant next to a petrol station which posed a great risk. We know that our petrol stations are not well equipped to handle disasters and we have to move with speed to avoid this disaster-in-waiting,” she told the Assembly.

Dandora Area II Ward Rep, Stephen Kambi (TNA) supported the move, saying the county should not protect the interests of a few people taking advantage of the laxity in county administration.

“We cannot expose our people to danger just because we want to earn revenue from these developers. Some are even erecting night clubs at petrol stations and one can never know how a drunken reveller might behave and torch the place,” he said.

However, a majority of Assembly members felt that the motion was not backed by scientific research and saw no need to hurt the businesses. 

Parklands Rep Jaffer Kassam (ODM) called on the county to assess the gravity of such a legislation, adding that it would hurt the petrol industry which employed a lot of Nairobians.

“This move will have a big impact on the petrol industry and unless the gravity of the problem can be demonstrated we should not vote for the legislation,” he said.

The House proceeded to throw out the motion, seeking to secure the employment of youths at various food outlets located at petrol stations.