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Rescuers pull six-year old out of Pangani fire

A six year old child was on Wednesday rescued from a raging fire that destroyed houses in Pangani.

According to Inspector Gabriel Omari of National Youth Service, the fire was caused by a cooking stove that was left unattended.

“The cause of the fire was the carelessness of a kiosk owner who left the stove unattended plus her child,” said Mr Omari.

The child knocked the stove as he woke up to look for his mother.

“The child knocked the stove as he woke up looking for his mother. Luckily we came in time to rescue him,” said Hussen Osam one of the residents.

Firefighters from National Youth Service and the City Council responded swiftly to control the fire.

“They arrived here at 7.30 am to control the fire and we are happy for their quick response,” added Osam.

Property of unknown value was destroyed in the fire. No injuries was reported in the incident.