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Resident living near Trevor Ombija’s club speaks out (screenshots)

On Tuesday, Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija called upon the Nairobi County City Inspectorate to investigate some of the complaints raised by the residents about noisy clubs and restaurants before taking action on them.

While speaking during a meeting that brought together the owners of the 43 clubs and restaurants that have been earmarked for closure over noise pollution, Trevor gave his opinion as one of the owners of the clubs.

But on Wednesday, October 12, the resident living close to Trevor’s club claimed that despite the complaints, the owner has not fixed the issue of noise pollution.

Former Miss Kenya, Emma Too, took to Twitter and shared her communication with the club’s manager that dates back to July 2022.

“The biggest mistake is to lie! Biggest mistake. Yet, I thought the real owner was a decent woman, I was badly mistaken, she just sat there and listened as he lied. Soundproof my bedroom only and the other residents,” Ms Too said in her Twitter post.

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She went ahead and shared screenshots of messages between her and the manager.

Check them out below.

But Trevor alleged that one of the neighbours is trying to sabotage his business.

“I have a neighbour who wanted us to shut down because I did not give her a landscaping job. We reduced our volume completely all other neighbours were okay with our attempts, except her so I offered to go the extra mile of soundproofing as a last resort but she still refused.”

Former Miss Kenya Emma Too. PHOTO | COURTESY

From the messages, the club manager stated that they went to the extent of changing the speakers to limit the noise.

“I am trying everything possible to limit the sound, I’ve changed the speakers, even put in bass absorbers within the premises. I am still willing to soundproof your house as soon as you get us the permit as was discussed earlier.”

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The same words were used by Trevor during the meeting.

The journalist made it clear during the meeting with Nairobi County Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri that the county should not heed the few complaints raised in the apartments.

“When there is a complaint against a bar owner or a restaurant, let us have more than half of the people complaining.

If the apartments are twenty, fifteen of them should show us their list, signed, and tell us this is the problem,” he said.

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